Saturday, August 06, 2005

I am moving soon

I am so excited to be moving soon!
11 days more and we are in what (up to now at least) has been my dream house!!!!

However, there is nothing like moving to create havoc in a marriage. For example: My husband, who has yet to pack a single friggin box, has stated that "We are 1/3 moved".
I, the one that has filled just about every single friggin box, believe that we are 2/3 moved.
I think I hate him when he complains about things and says he feels overwhealmed... in a normal way.

To give him credit though, he has been the one to lug over all the boxes, with help.... while I get to do it all myself plus take care of our breastfeeding 7 month old.


I don't think so

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