Sunday, October 16, 2005


I just want to know what is so wrong with my son... that my brother and his wife refuse to let their children be around him. He is such a sweet, happy, friendly little boy. I have loved and do love their children with the depth, breadth and height my soul can reach... and yet, they refuse to let their children visit and never invite us over.

It breaks my heart.

It is so personal.



Anonymous said...

He is a happy angel baby

Blair said...

That he is... click on permalink

Catherine said...

Blair - I know I'm stalking your site tonight. You told me you hide things but I never dreamed I would find such personal deep things here. I love you so much after reading your writing tonight. I hurt too knowing that things have been bothering you. Please know you can write me anytime and we can chat. I might be long winded and bitch a lot, but I'm a good listener too!