Sunday, July 09, 2006

What I am, according to google

  1. Blair's legacy is being determined far from home
  2. Blair fortunately is in good shape.
  3. Blair is wisely short on explanations
  4. Blair is already there.
  5. Blair's fabrications is symptomatic of a broader credibility problem that won't vanish
  6. Blair's slip is showing.
  7. Blair is located less than an hour's drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh.
  8. Blair's vision is actually more ambitious
  9. Blair is a 5-foot-7 guard from Teurlings Catholic High School.
  10. Blair is a poet living and working in Athens, Georgia.

To do same one must merely type "*your name* is" (including quotation marks into google, and see what turns up...

Via someone who may prefer to remain unfound

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