Sunday, November 11, 2007

more thievery

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ANIMOLOGY: What Animal Are You?
Your Result: Teal Cat

You're the Teal Kitty Cat! You're as swift and sly as a ninja and very hard to please. You can be very soft yet very cruel at the same time. Your soul mate is the beige racoon and you're in conflict with the red jaquar.

Silver and Red Wolf

Yellow Trout

Red Jaguar

Blue Fox

Tan Giraffe

Gold Falcon

Ocre and Gray Dolphin

ANIMOLOGY: What Animal Are You?

What will you die from?
Your Result: Working too hard

The world needs improvement, but not to the point that you kill yourself! If you die, you will make the world even worse. Besides, whoever was intended to befefit off your work will feel guilty inside.

Peacfully; In Your Sleep
Hit by a car
Got Framed
Framed yourself
Depression (if you know what I mean)
Friend Murdered You
What will you die from?
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