Saturday, May 14, 2005

100 things about me

My 100 things

  1. I was born in South America
  2. I can't return there until I get a passport from there
  3. This makes me very sad
  4. My younger brother was born in Europe
  5. I used to be jealous of this
  6. We had our own language for a few years
  7. I was in my first bullfight (in my father’s arms) when I was around 2
  8. I cried
  9. because I thought the calf was going to eat my shoes
  10. I astounded my school by realizing the truth in the TOTL test when I was 2 and a half
  11. I remember taking the test, and wondering why they were trying to trick me
  12. I remember my third birthday party very well
  13. We moved to a different country in South America
  14. I spoke three languages by 1st grade
  15. My mother insists it is four...
  16. But I do not count donkey as an official language
  17. My mother took us to visit people living in the Amazon
  18. She took us in a dugout canoe
  19. I drank Chicha made the old fashioned way
  20. My father raised fighting bulls
  21. I had a Anglo-Arab horse named Isabella
  22. I never got to ride her
  23. I loved the way the old adobe homes smelled (still do)
  24. I took catechism classes in third grade because I was interested
  25. I was sad when I found out that Zeus was not really real
  26. My grandfather died when we were on a boat in the Galapagos Islands...
  27. I found him as he was dying.
  28. It was a big hassle bringing the body to the USA.
  29. Barry Goldwater helped us bring him through customs.
  30. He said he was an important man
  31. I think he was
  32. My parents split up after this.
  33. I am still a little sad about that
  34. but I know it is a good thing they did
  35. a couple years later my mother, brother and I moved to the USA
  36. We had two dimes and a cat to our name.
  37. My mother is my favorite person in the world.
  38. I know she deserves a medal
  39. she works really hard
  40. at everything
  41. she is hard to live up to
  42. she is a wonderful mother
  43. I was teased horribly and did not get a good first impression of the USA
  44. I lost the ability to speak German
  45. I rarely spoke Spanish
  46. I was very sad about being in the USA until high school
  47. My half brother and half sister were born at this time
  48. I was a rebel in high school
  49. I maintain I had a heart of gold.
  50. I was not as bad as other kids
  51. I fell in love for the first time in high school
  52. He shattered my heart later.
  53. he also wrote a book with a character based on me
  54. So he said
  55. I don't want to read it
  56. but I am curious
  57. I went to a university that my great grandmother had gone to (albeit under a different name)
  58. I worked full time, took out no loans and paid my own way through
  59. it took 9 years
  60. I am not sure it was worth it
  61. but I am glad I finished
  62. I studied medical anthropology (biological and cultural)
  63. I am a third generation anthropologist
  64. I published my first academic paper as an undergrad
  65. With my mother and the boy who broke my heart.
  66. It is about tattoo's
  67. I went to medical school for a year in South America
  68. I met one of my most influential teachers
  69. I lived with a wonderful family
  70. I loved medical school
  71. I left because there was a financial crisis coming
  72. One month after I left there was a volcanic eruption
  73. and the banks froze for a year.
  74. I met my husband on line
  75. we were going to teach each other our language (Spanish and German)
  76. I knew I was going to marry him the day we met
  77. we married three and a half months later
  78. A Curmudgeon translated his first love note to me
  79. She is the sister of the heart breaker
  80. I am glad I am friends with her and the rest of the family
  81. My husband is Austrian
  82. He is five years younger than I
  83. he loves cars
  84. We have had 20 cars since we got married
  85. not all at once
  86. I got pregnant five years later
  87. I wanted six kids when I was younger
  88. I went on bed rest at 18 weeks
  89. I was on bed rest for 17 weeks
  90. (first and last of which were in the hospital)
  91. I loved being pregnant, just wish I could have been around people
  92. I was 36 when my son was born
  93. He was premature
  94. It was a very easy delivery
  95. His NICU stay was the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced
  96. My son is a first generation American and also has native status in Arizona since my family has been here since before statehood.
  97. I love being a mother
  98. I love being an aunt
  99. I have two nephews that I adore
  100. I have a son that I adore


Catherine said...

Amazing! I would love to sit down and talk with you. I'm sure you have so many stories to tell :)

Nettie said...

That was awesome! But tell me, can you still speak donkey?

Blair said...

Sometimes I think it is too many stories... I have been thinking I may have to do a second 100.
And, yes, I can still speak donkey.

baileysMilk said...

really interesting! haha. i did one before and i remembered some:

1) I usually dont screw up, but when i do, i do a very good job out of it.

2) People usually love me. or hate me.

CuriousHamster said...

What an amazing list! Facinating. I vote for a second 100.

Jordana said...

:( :)

I'd forgotten about that note.

I've never read any of his books either. Hmph, what a big loser. Oh well.

I know you could fill a second hundred. When I decided to write one up, I had to edit severely to only do a hundred.

CuriousHamster said...

I have a feeling I've been misunderstood (although I could easily be wrong, it happens often). Anyway, can I just say that I really would like to see a second 100 things. :o)