Wednesday, January 11, 2006

well I will be a monkeys uncle

And here I thought this blog was well hidden from folks that could not get on the internet worth a damn. So, I put a piece of my vapid slightly stupid heart out there for the UNKNOWN world to see and what ends up happening... I find out that an IP address from the area where person related to topic lives and there you go someone who knows said person or even probably said person read said post. Well, it was out there, it was public information... Hey what if said persons parent's read said post. Well, said person on known IP has not been back since 12-18-05 so perhaps, perhaps, I am free to randomly post things again. However, if said person, and you should know who you are by now, don't lurk! Leave a damn comment so I can get the embarrassment over with.
Thank you!


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