Friday, November 18, 2005

I think I must be THAT girl...

Amazing what google can do. I am indeed the girl that grew up in exotic places. Sometimes I think that this man is the biggest goofball in the world. But it may be the case that I am. I still don't understand what the tension is between this man and myself, but it is still there, haunting me from obscure corners of my subconscious. I know I love my husband, and I wonder if it is a betrayal that I still think of this man. I don't think so... mainly because this man, Andrew, is about as selfish as they come. When we gave our relationship one last try, he blew it. I just wonder why he could never be honest with me, I learned to be honest with him.
Anyway, about those long lost forgotten loves, I will never forget this one... but I am soooooo glad I am married to the man I am as he is honest and somehow manages to complete me in ways I never thought possible. Schatz, if you ever find this and read it.... know that I love you with my whole entire heart and that I am so grateful that I could bear you our lovely and delightful son and that I would never leave you to go back to this man.

other biographers?

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