Saturday, November 19, 2005

A second hundred things (exposed):

101. My favorite color is orange
102. Because not many people like it
103. I tend to be lazy
104. I love the desert
105. Especially how it smells after a rain
106. I have bottled up that smell
107. I love coffee
108. I tell people it is against the law for me not to love it
109. I love science
110. I hate talking about my views in politics
111. Because people get so heated
112. It is just politics
113. I still like people, even if their view is different form mine
114. I am not sure this is always reciprocated
115. I am very middle of the road.
116. I admire Goldwater
117. I am often confused for a bleeding heart liberal
118. But never for a member of the VRWC
119. I don't think I fit into either mold
120. I feel very exposed letting people know this about me
121. I think I have rose colored glasses when it comes to life
122. I don't think it is a bad thing
123. I try not to let new experiences pass me by
124. But I manage to let them slip past anyway
125. I am very paranoid about how others perceive me
126. And I hate this about me
127. I cry at the drop of a hat
128. I think that this is a good thing
129. People tease me all the time about it
130. I find that very hurtful
131. I like being naked
132. But I am not a nudist
133. I want another baby
134. I want a girl so that my mitochondrial DNA gets passed
135. I don't know why I want this
136. I wish that did not sound so weird
137. I have a tattoo
138. It is of a bird on my mother's family crest
139. It is of a jackdaw
140. It has no feet - meaning that they can never land and are always traveling
141. I felt that applied to my life
142. I was inspired to get it after reading about Ta Moko and it being a way to identify kin.
143. I think kinship is very important
144. But it is hard to maintain kinship ties
145. I think it is worth it, and I wish more people did too
146. I love Pepsi
147. Not Coke
148. I consider CBS News Sunday Morning to be a guilty TV pleasure...
149. I hate moving
150. I am an Ecuadorian hula hoop champion
151. I have only ever won food items in raffles (all of them cakes)
152. I think the world is going to fast
153. I have thought this since I was six
154. I envy people who can write poetry (well)
155. I find my long ago previous attempts were cheesy
156. I like being cold
157. I hate the snow
158. And I love living in a desert
159. I want to write a book
160. But I am not ready to yet
161. I love taking pictures of my son.
162. I love my husband dearly
163. He is a moral man
164. I love this best about him
165. I think people can be very cruel
166. I don't know why this is
167. People often bewilder me
168. So much so that I often dream of being a hermit
169. I tend to have really high expectations of people
170. So I am often disappointed
171. I try to remind myself that in the long run most of that is not that important
172. I love to cook
173. But my husband is better
174. And this intimidates me greatly
175. I often have a sink full of dishes
176. Even though I have an automatic dishwasher
177. I read every day
178. I read because I think I need to
179. I don't think I am all that smart
180. But people tell me I am
181. I don't know why I can't believe them.
182. I practice mindfulness based stress reduction
183. It helps me get over myself
184. I really need to do it more often.
185. I am often a follower
186. But people tell me I am a leader
187. I envy people that can pick themselves up when they hit bottom
188. Because I worry it will happen to me
189. And I won't be able to
190. I hate that I worry about things so much
191. I don't feel like I have a "home" to go back to
192. Because it is spread over thousands and thousands of miles.
193. I wish that I had a fairy godmother
194. I wish I were more able to take risks
195. I am terrified of knives
196. Someone told me once it is probably related to watching my father bullfight
197. I wish I took better care of myself
198. I removed many things I wrote on this list
199. Having them out there made me feel REALLY vulnerable
200. I still feel vulnerable after this list.

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Catherine said...

As was the first, your second 'hundred' list was awesome. Reminds me that I need to update mine :) So many things you wrote ring true in my life and it makes me think what great thing this blogging is because it bring people together that would have never met otherwise. Also, being vulnerable isn’t always a bad thing, that means that you are being true and without truth we have nothing. Sometimes it is hard to even be true to ourselves even though it is sitting right there inside of us. Does that make sense?