Sunday, February 03, 2008

My feet have become an object of internet...


This pictures:
365/19 - feet frame

received this email:
On 3 Feb 08, 2.23PM MST esclavo_a_sus_pies said:

Hello I must say to you that you have the most beautiful feet that I have see in my life. Thank you for your Photos and for your album.
Pardon for this message and for my English who is very bad. I am a Spanish slave, in this moment I don’t have Mistress, It is a dream for me to be able to get to be your servant, your maid, your butler, your houseboy, your cleaner house, and your slave. I have 5 years of experience in the submission and the servitude to a Mistress and her partner, I had been her maid, her servant and the her partner’s servant from 5 years ago.
It is a dream for me to be able to be your servant your real slave a live in slave. I always have wanted to be able to manage to be a slave 24/7,It is a dream to be able to your slave and be able to belong to you, to your feet my Princess
If you wish to have vacations/holidays in Spain in a house on the beach, you have here your house and a slave 24 hours to the day to your service.

At your feet always

Slave Alex

to which I replied:


Gracias por pensar que mis pies so tan bellas que merecen el honor de ser las mas bellas que has visto en su vida. La cosa es, solamente las uso para caminar. si pudiera quitarmelos y mandarlos a ti, lo hiciera, pero no soy capaz de hacer esto.

Gracias, tambien, por to oferta de una casa en la playa (no se qual) en Espa~na, pero la verdad es que me quemo rapidamente y no quiero morir de cancer de la piel...



Thank you for thinking my feet are so beautiful that they deserve to be called the most beautiful feet you have ever seen in your life. The thing is, I only use them for walking. If I were capable of taking them off and sending them to you, I would... but I am unable to do so.

Thank you also for the offer of a house on the beach (I don't know which) in Spain. But the truth is that I burn easily and do not wish to die of skin cancer.



he replied, I wont

Gracias a usted por su mail y por sus palabras, Ojala pudiese ser verdad y pudiese tener cerca sus pies para poder adorarlos, lamerlos, mimmarlos, masajearlos y cuidarlos.
Sabe una cosa, haria todo lo que me ordenase por poder limpiar con mi lengua sus pies despues de andar descalza, los pies que aparecen en la foto, seria un sueƱo poder arrodillarme y besarlos y lamerlos mi Princesa.

A sus pies su esclavo Alex.

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