Thursday, February 28, 2008

please don't let this be the end...

How else am I gonna fill up this space....

1. Do you think you can last in a relationship for six months without cheating? Yes!

2. When was the last time you saw the fifth person on your top? Andrew, at the high school reunion week.

3. Do you like someone? just someone, not everyone, and not nobody... it could be anyone... (just call me Laurel and Hardy, or am I thinking of something else... Abbott and Costello maybe)

4. Do they like you back? Some

5. Do you lead the opposite sex on? I am a woman.

6. Are you married? yes

7. Have you ever regretted letting someone go? briefly

8. Is there anyone who doesn't like you? Of course

9. Do you miss someone? yes, a lot

10. Next time you will kiss someone? As soon as they come home or as I tuck him inot bed

11. Are looks important? yes, and no.

12. What are you wearing? my old Michigan medical school t-shirt and some VS jammy bottomJeans and blue sweater

13. Are you in love? yes

14. Do you like getting things from others? yes.

15. What is your current mood? Maudlin

17. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning? No

18. Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset? rain at sunset or sunrise.

19. Quick, say a verse from any song? "You are my rainstorm, my only rainstorm, you make me happy when skies are grey" my interpretation on a children's song

20. Would you die for someone? Yes

21. Last song you heard? Abba - Chiquitita spanish version

22. How many letters are in your last name? 3+9

23.DO you like anyone. sure

24. If someone did like you, how should they let you know? they should just say it

25. How was your day? freaky

26. Do you live near any of your friends? nope

27. Are you scared of spiders? No

28. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? 1 tattoos and 3 piercings

29. Where are your peircings if any?Ears

30. What color is your hair? mauve and gray... I mean brown.

31. Do you believe in love? YES

32. Are you pregnant? Nope

33. When do you want to get married? again, to the same man? sure

34. Do you curse a lot? when I am tired and or tipsy

35. What are your favorite books? I like books, all books.

36. Do you hate your last boyfriend/girlfriend? no, ok maybe a little

38. Are you happier single or in a relationship? I'm happy period, it has nothing to do so much with who I am with, or not.

39. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance? Yeah, I always believe in a second chance... and someitmes a third or a fourth... maybe not a tenth though.

41. Most hated food? Liver, and other organs

42. Do you wish someone would call you? call me what? I hate the phone, but it might be nice to talk to my mom right aboutnow.

43. What is bugging you right now? my daily life stressors

44. What's something you wish you could understand better? stupid people, like those that blare their base when they drive so much my car shimmies... they, I think I do not understand, so perhaps I should.

45. If someone doesn't like you, it's usually because of...? I am a bit bitchy.

47. Do you have a wild side? Oh, Yes

48. Kissed someone in the last twenty-four hours? Yes <3

49. Have you lost friends in the past year? yes

50. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping.

51. Last person you ate dinner with? squink

52. Last thing you watched on TV? Eli Stone

53. What is the last text message you sent say? "Squink threw a tantrum?"

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